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Gas Fireplace Repair

At Toronto Air Systems, we're committed to ensuring that your fireplace not only functions optimally but also adds to the cozy ambiance of your home. Our repair services stand out due to our deep local expertise, understanding the unique requirements of Toronto residents, and our versatility in handling everything from sleek modern fireplaces to traditional units. Prioritizing safety, our experienced technicians ensure that your fireplace doesn't just work, but works safely. What's more, we pride ourselves on transparency, guaranteeing no hidden costs or surprises, and always using genuine, high-quality parts for repairs. So, when the Toronto cold hits, and you want your home to remain the warm sanctuary it should be, trust in Toronto Air Systems to deliver.

Buy a New Gas Fireplace

At Toronto Air Systems, we understand this blend, and thus, we present our curated collection of gas fireplaces tailored for Toronto's discerning residents. Our range spans from the cutting-edge modern designs, ideal for contemporary condos overlooking the city skyline, to classic, elegant models that perfectly fit restored Victorian homes. Beyond just aesthetics, our fireplaces are chosen for their efficiency, environmental considerations, and durability. And, given Toronto's eclectic architecture and diverse neighborhoods, we pride ourselves on offering a fireplace solution for every home type and every budget. Investing in a gas fireplace in Toronto is not merely about combating the cold; it's about enhancing your living space's warmth, charm, and value.

Brands We Carry

We carry a wide variety of gas fireplaces from top-rated industry manufacturers.

At Toronto Air Systems, we prioritize quality and innovation. That's why we've partnered with leading gas fireplace brands like Regency, Mendota, Savannah, Faber, and more. Each of these names stands for excellence, safety, and modern design. In a crowded market, our collaboration with these top-tier brands ensures you receive a product that combines aesthetics with high functionality. With us, you're not just getting a fireplace; you're investing in a legacy of superior quality and customer trust.

Choosing a gas fireplace for your Toronto home offers a multitude of benefits, both functional and aesthetic:

Why Should You Buy a New Gas Fireplace for Your Home in Toronto

Efficiency & Consistency:

Gas fireplaces deliver a consistent heat source, making it an efficient option to warm your home during Toronto's chilly winters. With a turn of a knob, you receive instant heat without the wait time associated with wood-burning units.

Clean & Low Maintenance:

Say goodbye to the mess of ash, soot, and wood chips. Gas fireplaces burn cleanly, ensuring your living space remains pristine. Plus, there's no need to frequently clean out ash or procure firewood.


Over time, gas fireplaces can prove to be a more economical choice given the rising costs of firewood in urban areas like Toronto. The efficiency of gas as a fuel source can lead to savings on your heating bills.

Versatility in Design:

With a myriad of styles from traditional to contemporary, gas fireplaces can seamlessly fit into any home décor. Whether you desire a sleek linear look or a classic cozy corner setup, there's a design tailor-made for your aesthetic.


Many modern gas fireplaces are equipped with safety features such as automatic shut-offs and glass barriers that remain cool to the touch, ensuring a safer environment, especially if you have children or pets.

Ambiance at a Click:

The allure of a fireplace isn't just in the warmth it provides but also in the ambiance. With a gas fireplace, you can enjoy the mesmerizing flames at the click of a button, setting the mood for a cozy evening.

Modern Gas Fireplace in Toronto
Traditional Gas Fireplaces sales in Toronto

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Discover the elegance and warmth of gas fireplaces with Toronto Air Systems. Dive into a detailed guide covering styles, benefits, and answers to all your burning questions. Transform your home into a cozy haven with our modern and efficient fireplace solutions.

  • Traditional Gas Fireplaces: Captures the classic wood-burning feel with log setups.
  • Contemporary Gas Fireplaces: Modern designs often featuring crystals or stones.
  • Linear Gas Fireplaces: Stretched-out, wall-mounted designs for a chic look.
  • Freestanding Gas Fireplaces: Standalone units mimicking traditional wood stoves.
  • Corner Gas Fireplaces: Compact designs perfect for tight spaces or corners.
  • Insert Gas Fireplaces: Fit into existing fireplace openings, converting old wood-burning units.
  • Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces: Sealed units ensuring indoor air quality is maintained.
  • Vent-Free Gas Fireplaces: No vents needed but not suitable for all regions.
  • Outdoor Gas Fireplaces: Built for patios and outdoor spaces.
  • Double-Sided Gas Fireplaces: Viewable from two different rooms or spaces.

Why Choose Toronto Air Systems For Replacing or Repairing Your Gas Fireplace in Toronto

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we're committed to providing tailored solutions that perfectly match the size of your home and the unique needs of your family, ensuring prompt installation and repair services for your system.

Expert Technicians

Every member of our team is a licensed technician, bringing years of hands-on experience to ensure top-tier service for all your HVAC needs and ensuring your complete peace of mind.

Top Manufacturers

With a wide selection from major heating and cooling manufacturers, you can have confidence that at Toronto Air Systems, we have the perfect solution to suit your specific needs

Budget Friendly

Best prices guaranteed without any hidden charges. We prioritize transparency and affordability, offering a variety of payment and financing options to accommodate your budget.

Customer Reviews​

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Most frequent questions and answers

A gas fireplace offers several advantages over traditional wood-burning fireplaces. They provide consistent heat, require minimal maintenance, and eliminate the need for wood storage. Gas fireplaces are also more environmentally friendly, producing fewer emissions. With diverse styles available, they can seamlessly fit any home décor. Additionally, modern units come equipped with safety features, making them a safe choice for households with children or pets.

Direct vent gas fireplaces have a sealed combustion system, drawing air from outside and expelling combustion gases externally. This ensures high indoor air quality. Vent-free models, on the other hand, do not require any external venting. They release combustion products indoors, but in minimal amounts. It’s essential to check local regulations, as vent-free units might not be allowed everywhere due to air quality concerns.

While gas fireplaces are relatively low maintenance compared to wood-burning ones, annual inspections are advisable. This includes checking for any obstructions or debris, ensuring the gas burner is clean, inspecting the pilot light and ignition systems, and cleaning the glass front. Regular maintenance ensures the fireplace operates efficiently and safely. to book a service call for your fireplace visit our contact us page.

Absolutely! Modern gas fireplaces come in various styles, from traditional to contemporary. You can choose between log setups, stones, or crystal displays. Plus, there are multiple finishes and facades available, allowing you to match your home’s aesthetics perfectly.

Yes, gas fireplaces are known for their efficiency. Many models have high Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) ratings, ensuring that a significant portion of the gas fuel is converted into usable heat, reducing wastage and heating costs.


Modern gas fireplaces prioritize safety. Many units come with safety features like automatic shut-offs and cool-to-touch glass barriers. However, it’s essential to read the manual and ensure all safety protocols are followed. Educating family members, especially children, about fireplace safety is crucial.

Certainly! Gas fireplace inserts are designed to fit into existing fireplace openings, converting old wood-burning units into efficient and clean-burning gas fireplaces. It not only revamps the look of your hearth but also enhances its efficiency.

Many gas fireplaces can operate without electricity, making them an excellent heat source during power outages. However, some features like fans or electronic ignition might not function. Always check your model’s specifics and consider installing a backup battery if needed.

Outdoor gas fireplaces are designed to withstand external elements, from fluctuating temperatures to moisture. They offer the coziness of a fire pit with the convenience and cleanliness of gas fuel. As with indoor models, they come in various styles and designs, enhancing the ambiance of patios or outdoor living spaces.

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