Is Your Air Conditioner Running Efficiently? How to Tell and What to Do


As summer approaches, most of us switch on our air conditioners but often overlook its efficiency. An inefficient AC not only affects your comfort but also escalates your energy bills. This article will share insightful tips on how to ascertain your air conditioner’s efficiency and what to do to boost it.

What Does Efficient AC Performance Mean?

Understanding Air Conditioning Efficiency

For starters, efficiency in air conditioning implies the system’s ability to convert energy into cool air optimally. An AC unit’s efficiency can be determined by calculating its Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). The ratio is the cooling output during a typical cooling season divided by the total electrical input over the same period. The higher the SEER, the more efficient your unit is.

How To Tell If Your Air Conditioner Is Running Efficiently

Consider Energy Bills

Your monthly energy bills can reveal a lot about your AC’s efficiency. A sudden spike in energy costs without any apparent reason reveals your device might be operating less efficiently.

Inspect The Airflow

If your AC continues to run for prolonged periods without cooling your space adequately, there might be inefficiency issues. Observe whether the air blowing out of the vents is less expressive than before.

Strange Noises

Healthy air conditioners should operate quietly. If your system makes strange noises, efficiency could be in question.

Observe The Cooling Cycles

Your AC should have predictable cooling cycles. If your AC engages in super short or exceptionally long cooling cycles, it might be a signal of inefficiency.


What To Do If Your Air Conditioner Is Not Running Efficiently

Having established your AC’s inefficiency, the next question is, what should you do?

Regularly Change or Clean The Filters

You can enhance your AC’s efficiency by regular cleaning or changing the filters. Clogged filters impede airflow, forcing your system to overwork and consequently use up more energy.

Seal and Insulate Your Home

Sealing and insulating your home help maintain an optimal indoor temperature, relieving your AC of some workload and enhancing efficiency.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

HVAC professionals can detect and rectify hidden inefficiencies in your units. They can clean and repair critical components that may greatly influence your AC’s performance.

Invest In A Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat can help manage the cooling needs of your home optimally, thereby preventing energy wastage.

Upgrade Your AC If It’s Old

If you’ve used your AC for over 10-15 years, its inefficiency is likely due to aging. In such cases, consider replacing your old unit with a more efficient model.


The longevity of your air conditioner’s life and its ability to run efficiently heavily depends on routine maintenance, better usage practises, and timely upgrades. Keeping the factors above in check and invoking professional help when necessary will ensure your AC functions with excellent efficiency.

Remember, an efficiently functioning air conditioner is not just about energy savings – it improves your home’s comfort and significantly contributes towards a greener planet. Start inspecting your AC today!

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